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NBC, ABC gain a Tuesday split

NBC and ABC split a Tuesday night win in the ratings, with new entry The Fighting Fitzgeralds fueling the peacock's performance.

NBC barely took the night among adults 18-49 with a 5.5 average rating to ABC's 4.9 in national Nielsen numbers. But ABC had the edge in total viewers, with 14 million to NBC's 13.4 million average. The Fighting Fitzgeralds, featuring Brian Dennehy as the rather of three adult sons, scored a 5.5/14 for NBC with 13.6 million viewers. Frasier followed it with a 7.3/19 and 17.7 million viewers. (A repeat Frasier drew a 5.2/14 as the Fitzgeralds lead-in.)

ABC's Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? led off with 18.7 million viewers. NYPD Blue wrapped the night with a 5.7/16 and 13.7 million viewers. In between, Geena scored a middling 4.3/11 with 8.7 million viewers.

Fox finished third on the night among 18-49ers, with its airing of Mike Meyers '60s spy spoof Austin Powers pulling a 4.2/11 and drawing 9.7 million viewers.
- Richard Tedesco