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NBA TV Letting Fans Program Tuesdays

NBA TV will let fans vote on what games they want to see on Tuesday nights during the 2008-09 season, Turner Sports and the National Basketball Association said Monday.

“Fan Night,” as the network is calling it, will let fans log on to and vote on which of the matchups the next Tuesday night should be the featured game. Whichever one wins the popular vote will be on NBA TV.

To kick off the season and to give fans a sneak peek at fan night, NBA TV will have a sneak-preview week Oct. 28- Nov. 4. The first fan-selected game will air Nov. 4.

“We’re proud to launch the new NBA season on NBA TV and with the introduction of Fan Night, a landmark multiplatform experience that takes fan interactivity to an unprecedented level,” said Bryan Perez, senior vice president and general manager of NBA Digital, in a statement.

“This is a great example of our commitment to increase fan involvement and take full advantage of all of our platforms in an integrated manner,” he added. “Fans voting online to consistently program a major national sports network pushes the boundaries of sports digital media.”