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NATPE issuing media guide online

Hoping to make itself more accessible, NATPE will be releasing its annual program guidebook, the NATPE Media Directory, online for the first time later this year.

Previously titled the Programmer's Guide, the book's contents will be posted on the Web, at, beginning in December. A hard copy will also be mailed to all NATPE members in January, but won't be available on site at the 2002 NATPE conference like in years past.

The NATPE Daily, will be distributed as usual during the convention, and will also be online for the first time during NATPE 2002 in Las Vegas. Also, NATPE's Reps, Groups, Distributors, Networks, & Ad Agencies will be combined into the NATPE Guide to North American Media and include such new items as a list of top 50 Cable MSO's in the U.S. and Canada. - Bill McConnell