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NATPE: Cellphone Users Rarely Use Video

While one-third of all Americans will have a video-capable cell phone in the near future, according to CBS research chief David Poltrack, less than 10 percent of people with those phones now actually use it to watch video.

"It's a good news/bad news situation," he said Monday at the NATPE Mobile++ convention in Las Vegas.. "Now we have to get them to start using it."

Poltrack says the major hurdle to increasing usage is the price to consumers.

Blair Westlake, corporate VP of the media, content and partner strategy group for Microsoft, says that a la carte pricing needs to be replaced with a subscription model for video in the space.

"Consumers are demonstrating with their wallets that 'I'm not going to buy this over and over again,'" he says.

Poltrack also said that "local and immediacy" are the two factors that will drive growth of video in the mobile market.