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NATPE 2009: Twentieth Buzzing About Yahoo! Buzz

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Twentieth Television is partnering with search engine Yahoo! to develop a show called Yahoo! Buzz.

The show will use Yahoo!’s search engine to identify the top ten things for which people are searching at the time and then expands on those topics. Such a service already exists on Yahoo!’s home page.

Examples of search categories on Tuesday’s top-ten include stories on the finale of NBC’s Superstars of Dance, on whether Jessica Simpson is too fat or just a bad dresser, and on a promoter who was accidentally killed by a monster truck.

Twentieth is in talks with former MTV veejay Ananda Lewis to host the show, which Twentieth hopes to test on stations in coming months.

Developing a show with a partner such as Yahoo! should prove to be an advantage for Twentieth because it will defray some of the show’s upfront costs. Yahoo! also is a very well-known brand, making it easier to market and promote the show.