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Nat Geo Targets Map-Challenged Kids

Pointing out that a recent National Geographic survey found that 87% of young people couldn't locate Iraq on a map, the National Geographic Channel and parent Fox Cable Networks will team with the National Geographic Society to produce some really big maps and get them in front of as many students as possible.

In addition to donating the maps, the "Everyday Explorer" program will include lesson plans, online teaching materials, PSAs, an exploration-based, Everyday Explorer-branded Saturday morning program on Nat Geo Channel, and local events--a scavenger hunt or a field trip, for example.

The channel sees the effort as a way to help out at a time when schools are hurting for money and resources: "So often with finances being strapped in public schools, programs that actually get kids out of the classroom are the first to be cut," the network said in a statement.

The full-blown effort will launch in five markets this fall, with other markets getting the PSAs, online content and educational materials.