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NASA Asks Court to Smash 45%

Network affiliates didn't wait until the Oct. 4 deadline to challenge the FCC's TV ownership cap hike in court.

Last week, the Network Affiliated Stations Alliance, which favors maintaining the 35% ownership cap that the FCC just raised to 45%, asked a federal appeals court in Washington to vacate that new limit, arguing the 45% figure is arbitrary, capricious and unlawful.

NASA, which represents 600 TV stations affiliated with ABC, CBS and NBC, says its members will be hurt in contract negotiations if the networks are allowed to buy more stations and gain more negotiating leverage.

The FCC increased the national TV-ownership cap and relaxed other limits on June 2.

The NAB has also filed suit on radio station ownership limits and limits on television duopolies.

Additional lawsuits from opponents and supporters of media deregulation are expected to be filed over the next two months.