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Nader’s License Raiders Block Clear Channel Renewals

Essential Information, a group founded by activist Ralph Nader, last week
managed to force the Federal Communications Commission to pull the license
renewals of 63 Clear Channel Communications Inc. radio stations in Maryland; Virginia; Washington, D.C.;
and West Virginia.

The group filed a last-minute "informal objection" that forced commission
staff to remove the Clear Channel licenses from a block of more than 400
renewals of stations in the four states that were approved en masse.

The complaint alleged that Clear Channel should lose the stations because it
misled listeners about rules for radio contests, broadcast telephone
conversations without permission of the second parties, broadcast obscene and
indecent material in violation of rules and committed other transgressions.

Listeners and competitors were required to file formal petitions to deny
renewals in the states Sept. 2, but informal objections from any other party
could be filed up to the moment of approval.