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NAB, XM Strike Deal on Local Repeater Fight

XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. and the National Association of Broadcasters reached a truce Tuesday in their long-running feud over the satellite company’s plans for local repeaters.

After several months of negotiations, NAB won an agreement with XM Satellite Radio that would prevent repeaters from being used to insert locally originated content in the consumer’s programming. Broadcasters have complained to the FCC that XM repeaters would allow the company to compete directly with radio stations rather than providing a unique nationally distributed entertainment service as satellite radio was initially envisioned.

The repeater agreement bars XM from originating any content from a terrestrial repeater and from using repeaters in any way to divide content provided over satellites into localized programming. NAB Tuesday called on the FCC to adopt a rule that applies the ban to Sirius or any other satellite radio company that comes along.