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NAB wants XM, Sirius repeater info

The National Association of Broadcasters is pushing the Federal
Communications Commission to require more information from satellite-radio
companies with regard to the terrestrial repeaters both companies are placing
around the country, according to comments filed Friday.

The NAB is concerned that neither XM Satellite Radio Holdings nor Sirius
Satellite Radio Inc. is willing to make the location and power levels of all of
their terrestrial repeaters public.

'Possession of that information would not appear to offer a marketing
advantage to any competitor,' the NAB said.

Sirius said it will make that information available on its Web site, although the NAB responded that
the data also need to be placed on the FCC's database in case repeaters are
causing interference.

'Should an incumbent licensee experience interference in a given location, it
might not be initially aware who is causing the interference; it would be highly
unlikely that the licensee who may be experiencing interference would have
knowledge or foresight to log on to the . licensees' respective Web sites to
ascertain repeater locations and operating parameters,' NAB attorneys wrote.

XM said it will share the information with interested parties as long as they
sign nondisclosure agreements.

The FCC is reviewing the satellite-radio companies' applications for
permanent-repeater licenses. The temporary licenses the companies currently have
expire March 18.