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NAB Opposes Indecency Bill

The National Association of Broadcasters has come out against the tough indecency-enforcement bill passed Wednesday by the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

In a statement, NAB president Eddie Fritts said: "NAB believes that voluntary industry initiatives are far preferable to government regulation when dealing with programming issues. Just recently, a number of broadcasters have taken positive steps to address concerns of parents and policymakers, and we expect the upcoming NAB Summit on Responsible Programming [March 31] to yield additional substantive results."

He added, "NAB does not support the bill as written, but we hear the call of legislators and are committed to taking voluntary action to address this issue."

Although the bill helps broadcasters by shielding them from liability for network programming they can’t control, it also removes the presumption of renewal for first-time indecency violators, and three strikes triggers consideration of license revocation.