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NAB: Oh yeah, triopolies, too

In case you missed footnote 150 on page 81 of the National Association of
Broadcasters' recent pitch for relaxing duopoly rules, the trade group is also
making the case for "triopolies" that would allow one owner to control three
stations in a market.

The NAB suggested that triopolies might be a good idea in large markets with 10 or 12

Allowing three low-rated stations to operate jointly would allow them to
better compete against strong stations in the market, the trade group said.

The thrust of the NAB's "10/10" plan is to make it easier to establish
duopolies in small markets that don't meet the current eight-station test.

The NAB wants duopolies permitted when one station has a 10 share or better and
the other less than a 10 share.

Waivers for triopolies and pairs not meeting the 10/10 test should be
considered on a case-by-case basis, the NAB said.

While the original appeal for triopolies was easy to miss, NAB officials
meeting with Federal Communications Commission Media Bureau chief Ken Ferree and other FCC media-ownership experts proposed
the idea again in large-type presentation materials.