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NAB: CW Addresses Affiliates, and Vice Versa

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The CW held its first ever affiliates meeting coinciding with NAB out in Vegas. The network does not have an affiliate board; instead, station partners were invited to an informal meet and greet April 13 at the Encore that was dubbed "Coffee With The CW."

Groups including Sinclair, Hearst TV, LIN, Tribune and CBS, among others, sampled the CW's java; around 75 people from the affiliate side turned up. As he'd done at the Big Four affiliate meetings, NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith popped in for a quick hello, thanking the station folks for their support. The respected trade group leader's appearance gave some affiliates of the junior network a feeling of greater legitimacy.

The CW, with COO John Maatta and Executive V.P. of distribution Elizabeth Tumulty in attendance, thanked the affiliates as well. Dan Greenberg of Norman Hecht Research presented a study on viewing patterns for the CW's younger demographic, and affiliates were invited to share their issues and concerns on a one-on-one basis with CW brass.

Attendees said the hour-long meeting had a positive vibe to it.