NAB 2016: Fox Affiliates Have Their Say Tuesday

The Fox Affiliate Advisory Board met with Fox executives Monday in a closed-door meeting but what was said in Vegas, at least in that room, stayed in Vegas.

Jeff Rosser, senior VP at Raycom Media and chairman of the Fox affiliate board, hurriedly left the meeting to avoid press inquiries.

Jonathan Bing, senior VP, corporate communications for Fox, said the meeting concentrated on OTT issues and research about how Fox shows are extraordinarily time-shifted by viewers.  

He said otherwise, there were no major hot button topics presented or addressed at the meeting.

The more major conversations between affiliates and Fox executives might come on Tuesday. Fox is the only network to schedule a meeting with the full affiliate body, a session that can be more candid. Last year, the meeting centered on Fox’s OTT efforts, which some thought lagged the competition. That topic could come up again this year.