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NAB 2010: CBS Affiliates Board Focuses On NBC-Comcast ‘Action Plan'

The CBS affiliates board met at the NAB show in Las Vegas April 12, and took the opportunity to go over what chairman Tim Busch termed the "action plan" for the board's concerns over the pending NBC-Comcast merger. On March 29, Busch issued a letter to CBS affiliates expressing the board's opinion that the merger would unfairly empower NBC and weaken its rivals, and pushing for regulatory conditions.

Busch said the CBS board will continue to work with its counterparts at ABC and Fox to protect their interests not only against NBC-Comcast, but also regarding the FCC's plans to grab spectrum for broadband use.

NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith popped into the meeting to go over his main issues, which were radio's performance tax, retransmission consent and of course the broadcast spectrum.

CBS Affiliate Relations President Diana Wilkin also visited to update the board on network matters; CBS affiliates continue to enjoy strong primetime viewing.

Busch said the mood within the meeting was "excellent." "It was very collaborative and very thoughtful," he said, citing the deep experience of the board's members. "We're just getting ready for the upfront presentation in May."