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MyNetworkTV Improves Sweeps Performance

In this strike-addled prime time season, the formerly hotly contested and closely watched May sweep came and went with little fanfare. Fox's victory on the strength of American Idol was essentially a lock from the outset, for instance.

 But for one netlet, MyNetworkTV, small numbers still meant big changes.

 According to the network, its household rating was up 33% to a .8 from a .6, total viewers for the May sweep were up 27% over the May 2007 sweep to 1.2 million, and while the 18-49 rating was only up a tenth of a rating point to a .5, that still represented 25% growth from the previous May.

 The network announced its new season pickups this week, which included Jail and Street Patrol from the producers of Fox's Cops. Jail has been a solid performer for the network on Tuesday nights, recording some of its highest 18-49 ratings. The network is looking for an even bigger ratings boost from the addition WWE Friday Night SmackDown in October.