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Much capacity in the Sundance Kid

For its coverage of college football in high definition (HD), CBS is
employing an SWTV Production Services' dual-format digital production truck that
has been reconfigured to handle both standard and high-definition coverage.

SWTV, a division of Core Digital Technologies, has taken one of their
existing digital trucks, which it calls Sundance Kid, and added new equipment
that allows for either HD/SD simulcasts (the production method favored by CBS)
or two entirely separate broadcasts.

That equipment includes six Ikegami 790 & 790P cameras, Fujinon 87x HD
lenses, Sony HDCAM VTRs and file servers, a Solid State Logic Aysis Air digital
audio console and a Sony HDS-7250 digital switcher.

In January, SWTV will introduce a new, mobile HD unit.

It will mark the first time a broadcast production truck has paired Cristie
Digital proprietary DLP projection cubes and an Avitech system that enables
multiple camera angles and program feeds to be displayed simultaneously anywhere
on a 'seamless' monitor wall.