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MTR To Screen Fall Pilots

The Museum of Television & Radio will screen selected fall TV pilots over a series of nights in both New York and Los Angeles beginning on Wednesday, Sept. 7.

One network will screen multiple pilots each night, although CBS is leveraging its Viacom ties to use up some of UPN’s night as well.

The series runs through Sept. 16 with the following schedule:

Wednesday, Sept. 7
The WB: Just Legal, Twins, Supernatural

Thursday, Sept. 8
Fox: Reunion, Bones, Kitchen Confidential, Head Cases, The War at Home

Friday, Sept. 9
CBS: How I Met Your Mother, Out of Practice, Close to Home, Criminal Minds

Wednesday, Sept. 14
UPN: Everybody Hates Chris, Love, Inc., Sex, Love & Secrets
CBS: Ghost Whisperer, Threshold

Thursday, Sept. 15
ABC: Night Stalker, Commander-in-Chief, Invasion

Friday, Sept. 16
NBC: Surface, My Name is Earl, Inconceivable, E-Ring