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MSNBC to nab Donaldson?

ABC News veteran Sam Donaldson is exploring a move to cable news, chatting
with ailing MSNBC to host an evening show.

MSNBC has apparently been interested in Donaldson for some time, but he was
under contract with ABC, industry executives said.

That apparently changed this week.

'Sam asked for and was given permission to pursue talks with other television
outlets,' an ABC News source said Tuesday.

MSNBC officials denied that they've cut a deal with Donaldson, but insiders said
he's in the mix.

MSNBC still won't confirm that former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura is joining the
channel either, although that is said to be set.

Network executives have reportedly been scouting
locations for a Ventura show, which could come out of California or his home
state of Minnesota.