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MSNBC Launches in HD

After major overhauls to its 30 Rock control room and Washington D.C. studio, MSNBC rolls out in high definition beginning June 29. The cable news network's HD launch--which involved retrofitting existing hi-def infrastructure--is part of a bid to boost its name-recognition among viewers.

MSNBC's Hi-Def Retrofit

MSNBC has been planning its eventual migration to high definition since moving from Secaucus, N.J., into NBC Universal headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City in October 2007. But due to the logistics of running a 24-hour news network, it has completed the bulk of the hands-on work in the past four months.

MSNBC Aims to Raise Profile with HD

For MSNBC executives, the network's less-than-household-name status was apparent after the first one-on-one debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in February 2008.

Click here to view images of MSNBC's new HD control room and the new picture for its dayside programming.