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Move over Osbournes, here come the Castros

A coup in Cuba? Well, only a journalistic one.

Univision's Spanish language WLTV(TV) Miami, WXTV(TV) New York and WLII(TV)
Puerto Rico will air a 10-part sweeps series in their newscasts this month
featuring exclusive home video footage of Cuban Dictator Fidel Casto and family
at his Havana compound, Punto Cero.

Among the revelations in La Vida Secreta de Castro (The Secret Life
of Castro

He doesn't wear fatigues around the house, but he does drink buffalo

Castro is famous for guarding his privacy, telling ABC's Barbara Walters in a
recent TV interview: 'It's my human right to defend my privacy.'

Univision got the footage, shot by Castro's children, from an ex-girlfriend
of one of his sons, Antonio Castro.

She says it is payback for Castro's mother, who she says 'torpedoed' her
two-year relationship with Antonio.

The series is produced by WLTV.