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More Stations Face Fines for Kids Programming Omissions

The FCC Wednesday fined three stations a total of $31,000, and reprimanded two more, for violating its children's TV rules.

Viacom's KTX Dallas-Fort Worth was hit with the largest proposed fine (fines are only proposed until all appeal options have been exhausted) of  $18,000 for failing to put records of its complaince with advertising limits in its public files. The fine also covers the station's violation of  commercial limits on three occasions, including two program-length commercials. The FCC limits advertisments in children's shows to 10.5 minutes on weekends and 12 minutes on weekdays.

Receiving a $10,000 proposed fine was Colins Broadcasting's KSNB-TV Superior, Neb., for failing to publish existence and whereabouts of its children's TV public file. That doesn't mean it did not have the file, but it may have just forgotten to advertise its existance. Both are requirements, but the fine for failure to report is usually less, but in this case the station conceded it had never publicized the file before December 2005.

Facing a more typical $3,000 fine for its failure to publicize its file was KVVU-TV Henderson, Nevada.

The FCC also admonished two stations, Paxson's KGPX(TV) Spokane and Ocean State TV's WPXQ Block Island, R.I., for mroe minor reporting infractions of the kids rules, including not including the age ranges for kids programming in the program lineups supplied to TV program guide publishers.

The KTXA fine was one of the biggest kids TV fines in the past few months, topping one in March against a station in Iowa ().

All of the stations had volunteered the infractions as part of their applications for license renewal. So long as they meet their filing deadlines, stations can continue to operate while the FCC  considers the application, which can sometimes take years.