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More HD Olympics?

NBC Cable is contemplating creating a separate high-definition service for
Bravo's coverage of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games.

This week, the company is hoping to nail down Bravo's HD lineup (the network
launches in July), including whether it wants to offer the HD coverage over
Bravo HD or create a separate service.

That decision would impact Bravo HD cable deals, so expect a decision sooner
rather than later.

"The cost of doing the Olympics in HD is a huge hurdle," NBC Cable president David Zaslav said. "But given the amount of demand that we sense from the DBS [direct-broadcast satellite]
and cable distributors, we're looking real hard at green-lighting an effort."

Viewers had a chance to catch the 2002 Winter Games in HD, but coverage was
delayed one day and shared with HDNet, which handled the production.