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More broadcasters join Paxson bandwagon

More broadcasters have joined Paxson Communications Corp.'s request to delay,
for the fifth time, the pending auction of frequencies used for TV channels 60
through 69.

Their request would move the bidding from Sept. 12 to January 2002.

Joining the group are High Mountain Broadcasting, Good Companion
Broadcasting, Butler University, Living Faith Ministries, Christian Television
Network and five others.

They are pushing a plan, which still needs Federal Communications Commission
approval, aimed at speeding broadcasters' exit from the band by allowing winning
bidders to buy out incumbent broadcasters before they are legally required to
vacate the band at the end of the digital-TV transition.

In all, Paxson's group includes owners of 53 percent of the 99 analog
stations currently operating on channels 60 through 69. They include Sinclair
Broadcast Group, Pappas Telecasting Cos. and Entravision Communications