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MMTC Endorses Clyburn for FCC

Not a surprise, but the Minority Media & Telecommunications Council has made it official.

Saturday the board endorsed South Carolina utility regulator Mignon Clyburn for the FCC. The President has indicated his intention to nominate her for the seat that will be vacated when Jonathan Adelstein leaves to head up the USDA's Rural Utilities Service. Adelstein has been nominated, but has not yet had a confirmation hearing of vote.

"Ms. Clyburn is one of the very few FCC nominees with years of experience in both mass media...MMTC warmly endorses this nomination."

MMTC was just as warm in its praise for Clyburn when her name first came up. MMTC's David Honig at the time called her a "terrific choice."

The Senate Commerce Committee has scheduled nomination hearings Tuesday (June 16) for Julius Genachowski, nominee for chairman, and Robert McDowell, re-nominated, this time for a full term-he filled out the term of former Chairman Michael Powell, but Senate Republicans may not vote those nominations out until Clyburn and another Republican, or at least another Republican, are also officially nominated and voted on.