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Missing journalists found

Four journalists who had been reported missing in Iraq since March 24 have
turned up safe in Jordan.

The four were free-lance photographers Molly Bingham and Johan Rydeng
Spanner, and Newsday correspondent Matt McAllester and photographer
Moises Saman.

McAllester told editors in a phone call earlier that they were preparing to
cross the border into Jordan on their way to the capital of Amman.

He said they had initially been taken from their hotel rooms, handcuffed,
imprisoned and interrogated by Iraqi officials who suspected them of being
American spies.

Colleagues had reported them missing after finding their rooms emptied of
everything including computer gear.

Still unaccounted for are ITV News cameraman Fred Nerac and translator
Hussein Othman, who disappeared in southern Iraq March 22 after an incident that
killed ITV correspondent Terry Lloyd.