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Minorities grow in TV news, but not management

Minorities' share of broadcast news jobs is the largest ever, but they are losing ground when it comes to newsroom management, the Radio-Television News Directors Association reported Friday.

Minorities now hold 24.6% of all jobs in TV news, up from 21% last year. At English-language TV newsrooms, minorities account for 21.8% of all jobs. In radio, minorities hold 10.7% of all news jobs, up from 10% a year ago. In news directors' ranks, however, the share of jobs held by minorities declined to 8% for TV, down from 14% a year ago. In radio minorities' share dropped from 6% to 4.4%.

The survey, conducted by Ball State University, found a similar trend for females. Women are holding ground in TV newsrooms generally with 39.7% of the jobs and gained ground in radio by climbing from 35% to 37.4%. However, female TV news directors account for 20.2% of the industry, down from 24%. Bucking the downward trend slightly, the share of women radio news directors climbed from 20% to 21%. "While the industry is making gains in many areas, there is a critical need for more minorities in management positions," said Barbara Cochran, RTNDA president.
- Bill McConnell