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Microsoft Takes Sabbatical From Coalition

Microsoft has dropped out of the It's Our Net coalition for the time being, it's name having been removed from the laundry list of tech companies on the coalition's Web site .

That's the group of computer companies that is pushing for network neutrality. Microsoft hasn't suddenly changed positions on wanting strong network neutrality language in any bill updating telecommunications policy, but the coalition has weighed in on the merger of AT&T & BellSouth, seeking network neutrality conditions.

Microsoft has not weighed in on similar mergers and is not doing so this time, either.

"Microsoft has withdrawn its name from the It’s Our Net website for the pendency of the AT&T-Bellsouth merger proceeding based on a company decision not to engage the proceeding," the company said in a statement. "However, we continue to support and will pursue other opportunities to obtain meaningful Network Neutrality policies.”