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Michigan Dems Making Progress On Fey Petition

At press time, the Michigan Democratic Party had 1,500 signatures on its petition to get comedian Tina Fey to come to Michigan as a tongue-in-cheek surrogate for Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin.

Fey has nailed the definitive Palin parody in Saturday Night Live sketches in recent weeks.

The Republican party in Michigan had reached out to Palin with its own petition to try and get her to come to the state to help with local races after John McCain essentially folded his tent there. Palin has suggested she and her husband would be happy to make the trip.

Michigan Democratic spokeswoman Liz Kerr said the party Web site has had e-mail problems and didn't send out its mass emailing about the online petition--to a list of 100,000--until Friday, with the pace said to be picking up by Friday afternoon.

She said the group is still trying to decide how to present the petition to Fey once the signatures are collected, but Kerr said "we definitely think we have a way to share the results with her."

While Fey's publicist was not commenting on the petition earlier in the week, she did say that "the Obama campaign has contacted us many times already so they know how to reach us."