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Mfume nixes notion of conflict

NAACP President Kweisi Mfume declares his pilot for a syndicated talk show presents no conflict of interest with the NAACP's ongoing push for more minority roles on network TV shows.

As reported by B&C online Friday, news of the pilot shot in July surfaced in the wake of the NAACP's renewed criticism of the limited on-air roles for minorities on network TV. While the syndication pilot was shot by a syndication company jointly owned by NBC and Hearst-Argyle Television, Mfume said Friday the talker would be syndicated, not an NBC show.

"I am not seeking a network television job," Mfume said in a prepared statement late Friday. "I intend to continue to lead the NAACP and keep the network's feet to the fire when it comes to diversity. There was "no promise of a deal and I received no compensation," he said.

Mfume claims the Hearst Argyle approached him with the concept in 1998 - a year before the NAACP started its campaign for greater minority representation on air.
Mfume has been hosting a local weekly talk show on WBAL-TV, the Hearst Argyle Baltimore station for the past severl years. - Richard Tedesco