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Memorial Service Planned For Anne Pressly

A memorial service for Anne Pressly, the KATV Little Rock morning anchor who died Saturday following an attack in her home Oct. 20, will be held Thursday at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Little Rock. It starts at 11 a.m.

Pressly’s family asks that, instead of flowers, contributions be made to KATV’s reward fund or to a scholarship in her name.

Pressly’s murderer remains at large. Little Rock Police Chief Stuart Thomas defended the department’s handling of the homicide investigation in a statement. He said:

The Department has not released incomplete, speculative or developing information during the course of this investigation, but such should not suggest that work is not proceeding nor being aggressively pursued in this matter. The quality and integrity of this investigation is paramount to the Department and, given the volume of work involved, the untimely release of inaccurate or incomplete information tends to misdirect investigative time and efforts. As a result, the Department has refrained from public disclosure of daily investigative progress and has discouraged the release of any information pertaining to this investigation. The Department will most assuredly make public any information which might, in the determination of the Detectives working this case, advance the investigation or might be useful for the security of the community as a whole.

Stuart said his department is getting assistance from a range of law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, the Arkansas State Police, the U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Marshals.

He continued:

I recognize that the lack of daily disclosures or additional information is frustrating to the media and to members of our community. However, the foremost objective here is for a successful investigation leading to an arrest and conviction in this matter and the Department will conduct any releases of information with this objective solely on point.