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Media trip to Cuba prompts query

The Treasury Department wants to know whether a trip several media executives took last February to Cuba was legal.

The department is running an "inquiry" on the trip, which is a request for information and not a full-fledged investigation, said Treasury spokeswoman Tasia Scolinos. The department is concerned the group did not attain the necessary federal licenses to travel to Cuba. Executives on the junket were CBS Television President Leslie Moonves, MTV CEO Tom Freston and independent producer Brad Grey, according to press reports.

CBS and Viacom refused to comment, but one industry executive said: "I think the Treasury Department is just using this to send a signal that they're going to take a harder line on Cuba." The trip garnered some high-profile attention last February when late-night talk show host David Letterman made fun of it on the air, running a skit called "Lunch with Les and Fidel," according to press reports. - Paige Albiniak