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Media General Expands Zillow Partnership

Media General will expand its real estate partnership with to all of its TV stations markets by the end of the year, it was announced Thursday (Sept. 16).

The deal includes selling Zillow display advertising inventory in 15 new broadcast markets and launching a co-branded real estate marketplace on each of its TV sites. The new search functionality will allow users to enter any address or neighborhood and find information on home values, open house listings, local market data and more.

"Media General has been a consistent sales leader for Zillow products at our daily newspapers," said Marshall N. Morton, Media General president and CEO. "As a result of our success, we are extending the benefits of the Zillow marketplace to our customers in 15 television markets. This expansion of our Zillow partnership is another example of how our market structure facilitates the development of new revenue streams and customer-focused sales and marketing solutions across multiple media platforms."

Media General also recently extended its partnership with Yahoo! display advertising to its TV markets.