Media General Calls Meredith Proposal 'Not Competitive' With Nexstar's

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Nexstar Broadcasting Group got a boost in the battle for the hearts and minds of Media General shareholders on Friday, after Media General filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission that said despite Meredith’s higher offer, it was “not competitive” with Nexstar’s earlier proposal.

Nexstar and Media General announced Thursday they reached an agreement in which Nexstar would purchase the smaller broadcaster in a cash and stock deal valued at $4.7 billion, or $17.66 per share. But that deal was contingent on Media General canceling an earlier deal it had to purchase Meredith Corp. for $2.4 billion.

Shortly after Nexstar and Media General made their announcement, Meredith countered with its own proposal to buy the broadcaster in a deal valued at more than $20 per share. Meredith also claimed that its proposal had a better chance of passing regulatory muster. The combined Meredith-Media General would have 88 stations across the country, giving it access to about 30% of the TV homes across the country and well below the FCC’s 39% ownership limits. A Nexstar-Media general combination would have 162 stations across the country, or roughly 39% of total TV homes. Both Nexstar and Media general have said they would divest some stations.

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In an S-4 document filed with the SEC on Friday, Media General said its board of directors had reviewed the Meredith offer and deemed it “not competitive with Media General’s proposed transaction construct with Nexstar.”

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