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McGraw Hill Grabs CoolTV

McGraw-Hill's KERO Bakersfield, KGTV San Diego and KMGH Denver are picking up the digital music channel TheCoolTV. The addition adds 2.8 million TV households to TheCoolTV's total, says parent Cool Music Network, for a total of 40 million households.

CoolTV is on the air at KERO and KGTV and debuts on KMGH by the end of the month.
CoolTV offers round-the clock music videos and compares itself to the early days of MTV. Its vault includes live concert footage, interviews and traditional music videos. Stations can customize the feed to the tastes of the local music scene.

"We are pleased to be joining the TheCoolTV network and providing a localized music
entertainment service for audiences in San Diego, Denver and Bakersfield," said Mark Limbach, VP Strategy and Group Controller at McGraw-Hill Broadcasting. "TheCoolTV is an ideal product for our multi-cast spectrum and the mobile DTV model."

Cool Music Network CEO Joe Comparato welcomed the new trio. "These are great cities for TheCoolTV and we know your viewers are going to love it," he said. "Our short-form video programming style is a perfect match for the multi-cast spectrum."