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Martin's appeal wins praise

The American Cable Association and the Parents Television Council Friday
endorsed Federal Communications Commission member Kevin Martin's call for TV
programmers to schedule family-viewing blocks.

The ACA -- which represents small cable MSOs and independent system operators --
praised his suggestion for à la carte selection that would allow parents to pick
which channels they want to receive or for a special family-viewing tier.

Martin said the idea would let parents pass on channels now routinely
included in basic-cable tiers that they don't want their kids to see.

Tyhe ACA has endorsed à la carte pricing as a way to keep down costs of obtaining

Big MSOs, many of which own interests in cable networks, oppose à la carte

"Commissioner Martin's challenge should also be extended to the mega-merged
broadcasters and programmers that continue to raise programming rates with
impunity and continue to abuse cable operators and subscribers through
retransmission consent, tying, bundling and forced tiered placement," ACA
president Matt Polka said.

PTC president L. Brent Bozell praised Martin and
fellow commissioner Michael Copps for requesting revival of the broadcast
family-viewing hour.

"I am happy to see that two FCC commissioners are truly concerned about the
violent and sexual content that is being televised in homes every night by
broadcast networks," he said.