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Martin Renominated to FCC

The White House has renominated FCC Chairman Kevin Martin for a second term as commissioner and chairman, according to Martin.

Martin, who assumed the chairmanship last March with the departure of Michael Powell, is a former attorney with the Bush election team. 

Martin joined the commission in May 2001. Terms are for five years.

He said of the news: “I am honored to have been renominated for a second term as Commissioner and Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.  I thank President Bush for the privilege to continue to serve in his Administration."

Now all he needs is Senate confirmation of fifth commissioner and third Republican Robert McDowell. Martin said Tuesday he can't bring up some big-ticket issues until he gets a full complement of commissioners.

Democratic Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein sounded happy:
“I welcome the White House’s announcement of the renomination of Kevin J. Martin as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.
"Chairman Martin has proven himself a dedicated public servant, a thoughtful policymaker, and an energetic colleague during our time together on the Commission.  I look forward to our continued work together as we address the many challenging issues before the Commission.”

Democrat Michael Copps, who has plenty of policy disagreements with Martin,  was gracious as well:
"I am pleased that the President has renominated Kevin Martin as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission," he said.
"Kevin has been both a colleague and a friend since we came to the Commission together in 2001. We work well together. Early on, I learned that Kevin was not only a savvy policymaker but a consensus builder as well.

"More importantly, I quickly discovered he was a man of his word and an individual of character and integrity. I look forward to continuing to work with him on the many important issues before the Commission."

Former Congressman and Current Verizon EVP Tom Tauke wieghed in in the affirmative: "President Bush's announcement today recognizes Chairman Martin's successful leadership at the Federal Communications Commission. Chairman Martin ‘gets it’ and he gets the job done. So his re-nomination is well deserved.
"His competition-focused agenda is moving the U.S. closer to the President's goal of broadband ubiquity, while his focus on consumers ensures that the deployment of new technologies enriches everyone's lives."