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Martin opposes mandated ISP access

Neither cable nor telephone broadband services should be forced to carry
unaffiliated Internet-service providers, Federal Communications Commission member Kevin Martin said

Frustrated by what he sees as overdue decisions on several broadband-related
proceedings, Martin called on his four colleagues to vote on the issues by the
end of the year.

"Industry conditions cry out for answers," Martin told the annual telecommunications
conference of the Practicing Law Institute and the Federal Communications Bar.
Prolonged uncertainty over competitive issues leads investors to withhold
capital needed to relieve debt, make equipment purchases and speed deployment,
he said.

"The commission should make as its top priority new investment and deployment
of advanced network infrastructure," he said.

Telephone digital subscriber lines should be freed from current unbundling
requirements, just as tentative rules allow for cable modems, he added.

Both cable and telephone broadband-transmission services that sign private
carriage deals with other ISPs tentatively should be required to offer the same
transmission services as they do to its own ISP affiliates, Martin said.

The nondiscrimination requirement should sunset in two or three years, he