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Martha Puts Her Stamp on Apprentice

The new version of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, which premieres at 8 p.m. Sept. 21, will try to mix things up a little from the Donald Trump original.

Besides Stewart, it will feature 16 candidates and have a "conference room" rather than a "boardroom," and the contentants will live in a "loft" versus a "suite."

In announcing the list of candidates today, NBC says the entrepreneurs will range in age from 22-42 and vie for 13 weeks to become Stewart's first "Apprentice." Among the candidates - many of whom own their businesses - are ad executives, creative directors, accomplished chefs, lawyers, designers, a magazine publisher and a TV newscaster.

"Many of the candidates were as accomplished or more so than I when I started to build my business," Stewart says. "Even so, there are some explosive personalities among the candidates and they really create a lot of tension in the conference room."