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Mandel: Study Your Customers

Veteran media buyer Jon Mandel urged cable marketers to better study their
customers in order to more effectively sell and market their products.

Speaking Thursday at the Cable & Telecommunications Association for
Marketing conference in New York, Mandel, co-CEO of ad agency MediaCom
Worldwide, said, "Start with the consumer. Target that consumer better and
engage them."

At both cable networks and operators, he said, different departments -- from
sales to affiliate relations to customer service -- should work to better share
the research and information they collect.

"Do internal team building first. Collect all of the information and use it," he

For example, "MTV [Networks] has probably the best research in the universe. Maybe its
affiliate [relations] people don't know it, but it is there."

Mandel also encouraged marketers to be more creative with their promotions.
Where many companies target young consumers with promotions, he suggested
looking at older customers.

Another idea: teaming up with other companies, like real estate brokers, on
local promotions. "We sometimes go with what's obvious," Mandel said, "but you
can develop all sorts of stuff."