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Maher returns to air

After a week of negotiation with Bill Maher and his show Politically Incorrect, Citadel Communications will bring the show back Wednesday night.

Citadel took the show off nearly two weeks ago over remarks by Maher in which Maher disagreed with the characterization of the terrorists crashed the planes in New York and Washington as cowards. Maher noted that the terrorists gave their lives to their cause, as opposed to American military "lobbing cruise missles from 2,000 miles away. That's cowardly."

Maher has made numerous appearance explaining and apologizing. Citadel had planned to put the show back on the air late last week, but rejected a taped message Maher had sent, Citadel Chairman Phil Lombardo said. Maher, in turn, rejected a suggested script provided by Citadel, Lombardo said. But tapes received this week were accepted by the company.

In the most recent statement, Maher says his statements were "insensitive ... ill-timed and thus, inappropriate." He added that "by doing what I have always done here I may have unintentionally added to the national trauma and I am sincerely sorry about it." - Dan Trigoboff