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Magnite Gives Ad Buyers Metadata for Crackle Plus

(Image credit: Magnite)

Magnite said its sell side platform will be providing media buyers with content metadata for Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment’s streaming services Crackle and Popcornflix.

Magnite’s content capabilities let buyers measure delivery by show, genre and TV rating at the show and episode level, making CTV more similar to traditional TV.

“Magnite has been one of our most valued ad tech partners at Crackle Plus. Its technology and real-time reporting continue to help us deliver rich insights for our advertising partners,” said Tim Ware, executive director of programmatic at Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Crackle Plus unit.

“Crackle Plus continues to lead the AVOD streaming service providers in delivering unique reach across its top original and exclusive programming, blockbuster movies and classic TV shows,” Ware said. “Enabling brands to buy and report on the premium environments they’ve paid for reinforces our value proposition. Our demand partners are asking for this kind of transparency as they invest more in premium CTV content and Magnite provides a turnkey solution.”

Crackle Plus can use the platform to get a better handle on bidding and buying behavior in real time. 

“With access to these granular insights, we’re able to help publishers like Crackle Plus more effectively package and price their inventory,” said Adam Lowy, head of North American demand sales and strategy at Magnite. “As more publishers share this kind of data, the advertising community benefits from greater transparency and advertisers can have more confidence in their buys.”