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MADD wants guidelines for beer and wine advertisers

MADD wants guidelines for beer and wine advertisers

Mothers Against Drunk Driving wants the media and all alcohol advertisers --
beer and wine included -- to begin employing guidelines similar to those adopted
by NBC for its foray into hard liquor ads.

It is holding a press conference in Washington Thursday to announce its call
for guidelines and ask for Congress' help. Congress is helping already to the
extent the announcement is being made at the Rayburn Building on Capitol

MADD says it will

  1. 'Call for stricter policies and counter health and safety ads for all
    alcohol advertising...citing the fact that beer and wine companies have long
    advertised on TV with lesser responsibility standards and irresponsible
  2. 'urge Congress to hold immediate hearings to further examine this
  3. 'release poll results showing public support for stricter TV advertising

'unveil MADD's new recommendations for broadcast advertising standards.'