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LPFM review gets an extra month

The Federal Communications Commission Friday added another 30 days to the
deadline for comments on a MITRE Corp. report indicating that many more
low-power FM stations could possibly be launched without creating harmful
interference to existing full-power stations.

The new deadline is Oct. 14.

National Public Radio has asked for an extension of 90 days on grounds that
more time was needed to evaluate the highly technical report.

The FCC countered that parameters of the test have been public since late
2001 and all parties had ample opportunity to prepare responses and conduct
their own tests.

Further delay would stall an FCC recommendation to Congress on relaxing
current interference standards.

Currently the number of LPFM stations allowable in major markets is
constrained by interference safeguards imposed by Congress.

Lawmakers ordered the FCC to study the effect of less strict safeguards but
any changes must come from Capitol Hill.