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LoopMe Offers Audience Segments Via LiveRamp Data Marketplace

LoopMe LiveRamp
(Image credit: LoopMe)

Outcomes-based ad platform LoopMe said it introduced PurchaseLoop Audiences, a stand-alone product available in the LiveRamp Data Marketplace.

PurchaseLoop Audiences gives advertisers access to custom segments that enable them toe more effectively reach targeted viewers across all screens, outside of LoopMe media campaigns.

The segments obtained fia LoopMe’s survey tool that reaches 250 million U.S. users and covers 90 million U.S. households.. PurchaseLoop Audiences serves the survey via mobile devices to find respondents and, using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify which attributes are involved in those responses, builds a predictive model to find more respondents within that category, the company said.

PurchaseLoop Audiences does not rely on any cookies in building audience segments, making it useful as the industry moves on to new systems for identifying consumers.

More than 200 PurchaseLoop segments are available. Some are based on demographics, some on behavioral intent. There are segments based on media consumption patterns, while others are more specific, including such things as vaccine status, tech adoption or people who work at small businesses.