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Look, They've Cell-ed Kenny!

Comedy Central has signed mobile deals to bring clips of South Park and Chappelle’s Show to cellphones, the first such teeny-screen deals for its two biggest series.

Beginning this month, the network will offer clips from the prior week’s episode of South Park, as well as from its nine-season library, to all major mobile carriers.

The network will also provide South Park wallpaper, ringtones and games. Pricing for the clips will vary by carrier.

For Chappelle’s Show, Comedy has given exclusive rights to Amp’d Mobile to carry a preview clip of the never-finished third season through the end of this month.

Comedy will cull the sketches taped before production ceased on the show—enough footage for about four new episodes—and premiere them on the network during second quarter.

Comedy Central has previously offered mobile clips of programs including The Daily Show and its spinoff The Colbert Report, but has not yet made available full episodes of any of its programs.

The Viacom-owned network averaged 976,000 viewers in prime time during fourth quarter 2006.