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Local TV Is a Top Source

Local TV was among the top three news sources for two thirds of survey respondents, according to the Radio-Television News Directors Foundation Future of News Survey conducted in association with Ball State University.

The study, a phone survey of a little over 1,000 people, found that only 28.4% of the respondents named local papers in their top three, just edging out the 28.3 % that put network TV news in the top trio.

Internet trailed with only 11.2% putting it among the top news sources.

The respondents weren't too keen on mobile media as a news outlet. Less than 5% said they had ever watched news on a handheld device like a blackberry or iPod, with more than three quarters saying they wanted their news on a TV set. The study does not recommend abandoning small-screen efforts, saying that percentage by itself could be enough for a niche business.

More than 40% would like to become their own news directors by being able to assemble their newscasts interactively, while 60% said they would like to be able to push a button and get more information on a topic.

To read the whole study, click here.