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Lion's Gate Pitches Boss Series

Lion's Gate Television and Body by Jake's Jake Steinfeld are teaming up on a new reality show, Be the Boss.

Lion's Gate, which has just gotten a 13-episode order from CBS for its reality series, The Cut, is looking for an outlet to launch the show in Spring 2005 in conjunction with the publication of Steinfeld's sixth book, I’ve Seen a Lot of Famous People Naked and They’ve Got Nothing on You!

Steinfeld is a fitness trainer for such stars as Harrison Ford and Priscilla Presley who helped parlay his combination of physical training and motivation into a fitness empire.
Based on that book, the weekly series will tap aspiring entrepreneurs who compete for start-up money. Steinfeld will act as a personal business trainer for the contestants, with a panel of judges picking a winner on each episode, with all the episode winners squaring off in a final round, with the big winner getting enough money to launch the business and "keep it running for several years."