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Link, Justice debut

A pair of first-run shows are debuting in national syndication today in more
than 80% of the country: a daytime version of NBC's game show Weakest
and Twentieth Television's court series Texas Justice.

For Texas Justice, it's the official launch of a series that has been
on the air since spring.

Twentieth TV executives started it out slowly
last March, with a test run on a handful of Fox owned-and-operated stations.

Then, in a highly unusual move, at least for the syndication market, the
studio allowed stations that signed on for this month's launch to run the series
from September until late last month at no charge.

Weakest Link arrives in daytime with some differences.

It has a half-hour format and is hosted by George Gray, a stand-up comic who
formerly hosted The Learning Channel's Junkyard Wars.

Instead of eight contestants and up to $1 million in prize money, it has six
contestants and a grand prize of $75,000.