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LIN Stations Get CoolTV

LIN Media has added the music multicast channel TheCoolTV to 11 of its 17 markets, adding approximately six million homes to CoolTV's distribution. The markets are Indianapolis, Austin, Hartford, Toledo, Providence, Grand Rapids, Albuquerque, Ft. Wayne, Springfield, Mass.; Terre Haute, Ind.; and Lafayette, Ind.
CoolTV is part of Kansas-based Cool Music Network. The channel offers round-the clock music videos, like the early days of MTV. CoolTV describes itself as "hyper-localized" and customizable "to reflect the tastes of the local demographics, music scene and even emerging artists."
"We are diligent about carefully evaluating the myriad of opportunities available for programming on our web sites, mobile applications and digital spectrum," said LIN President/CEO Vincent Sadusky. "TheCoolTV offers a unique mix of both live national performances and favorite local music that can be customized to our markets."

Cool Music Network CEO Joe Comparato called CoolTV "a perfect match" for the multicast spectrum. "It's our ability to deliver a unique viewer experience to each market that creates the local 'Radio on TV' style that is TheCoolTV...24/7," he said. "Music all the time. We are excited to have the LIN Media stations, markets and viewers as part our network of affiliates."